10 Qualities Women Expecting in Men to Attract

Women intend to look for men with the purpose of love, lust, need, passion and thirst to build a strong relationship with men. There are several qualities to which women fascinates about the men in their life providing them with pleasure and fun along with safety and security. Humor: Men shall be creative and humorous in […]

Is selling your body as an escort something to be ashamed of, or something to be proud of?

Escorts don’t sell their bodies. If that were the case, I’d no longer be in possession of my body. Someone else would. But as it turns out, my body is still here, and it is still me. Furthermore, contrary to popular belief, escorts don’t sell their souls either. If anything, escorts sell their time. What happens […]

Is it ok to take Viagra when you are having sex for the first time?

Is it ok to take Viagra when you are having sex for the first time You shouldn’t be taking Viagra unless you’ve a medical condition for which it is prescribed. Viagra isn’t an aphrodisiac; it isn’t an ‘instant erection’ drug. It is designed to counter very specific vascular problems that affect erections, their strength, and […]

Is Masturbation More Pleasurable Than Real Sex?

Is Masturbation More Pleasurable Than Real Sex It is safe to say that masturbation gives you instantaneous gratification. Those of us in a relationship will be aware that your partner is not always up for sex, and even if they are, life sometimes gets in the way. However, spending two minutes jerking yourself off get […]