Who Are the Happiest? Straights and Gays, but Not Bisexuals

Who Are the Happiest? Straights and Gays, but Not Bisexuals - Feeltheheaven.com

This is true if based on sexual behavior, not on sexual identity. I have previously raised annoyance, perhaps frustration, when we use simple minded, simply assessed measures of sexuality. This post continues this ire with examples of better (but not ideal) research. Thomeer and Reczek assessed happiness and included two measures of sexuality with a large sample […]

Sex, Intimacy, & Friendship: Keys to a Healthy Romance

Intimacy matters more than sex for some, but mutual respect is the foundation. Some researchers are telling us that monogamy is no longer hip and that consensual non-monogamous relationships are the wave of the future now that lifespans are stretching out much longer than they once did. One recent research study indicated that sexual satisfaction […]

Is Sex Work or Play?

Playful sex requires work before, during, and after, but it’s worth it. We’ve probably all heard the saying that relationships are work, but isn’t sex supposed to just be fun? Or is sex a serious thing that we need to work at? Is sex work or play? On the one hand, we have handjobs and […]

10 Qualities Women Expecting in Men to Attract

Women intend to look for men with the purpose of love, lust, need, passion and thirst to build a strong relationship with men. There are several qualities to which women fascinates about the men in their life providing them with pleasure and fun along with safety and security. Humor: Men shall be creative and humorous in […]