Five Simple Sex Positions to Try With Our Hyderabad Escorts
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Five Simple Sex Positions to Try With Our Hyderabad Escorts

Five Simple Sex Positions to Try With Our Hyderabad Escorts

Often times these simple sex positions are enough to do the trick and give you amazing pleasure, while enjoying with you escort in bed. There is no need to get entangled in complicated positions to reach orgasmic pleasure with our escorts in Hyderabad.

What sex positions you can have with our amazing Hyderabad female escorts?

These positions might also be useful, in case you have a knee injury and you can’t put too much pressure on it. But that should not give the impression that you can’t get full sexual bliss from these positions, these are still some pretty intense moves to try during sex.

Five Simple Sex Positions to Try With Our Hyderabad Escorts -

Classic Missionary Position: It may seem like a simple technique, you lying above her with your body straight and front towards her, she lying on her back with your penis thrust inside her, and stimulating her clitoris. But there is great scope of pleasure with this technique if you do this right and also modify it based on what works best with your partner.

Our elite escorts in Hyderabad will spice things up for you in this position by talking dirty with you and supporting the movement by raising their butts a little. You can certainly implement some variations in this style to increase the fun; otherwise this is easy method to gain sexual gratification.

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Prone Sex Position: Another lubricious position that can get you great thrill and pleasure, without having to twist and bent excessively is prone position. Again, you will be on top of her but this time she will be facing the bed and her ass will be towards you.

She will be lying flat, and submissive. While you will be inserting your cock insider her anal and sharing a great delight with her. For the maximum fun, do it slowly and teasing her with the tip of your dick. Let her moan with joy and then enter into her completely and show her what ecstasy feels like.

Don’t worry; you will get an equal amount of pleasure from this exciting position. To bring variations and to enhance the pleasure, use your hands that are free to stimulate her clit from the front or stroke her breasts. That’s one advantage of this position, and let you have copious amount of fun with our top female escorts in Hyderabad.

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Spooning Sex: If you want to maintain the mood of romance and are a bit cuddle, and you want to take it slow but also feeling aroused. Do it in the spooning position. Ask the escort to lie down on her side, and do the same yourself.  

You should face the back of her, and place your dick into her back entrance. Your forearm is free to cuddle and caress her breasts, in this comfortable and seductive position you can make love to your favorite female escorts in Hyderabad without too much hard work.

To make it further sensual, start kissing her on the neck, are sizzling female escorts in Hyderabad would respond to your efforts with just the right moves of their own to take this ride to the level of paradise.

Our Hyderabad escorts prefer this positional occasionally, for its scope of easy fun and romance and while in this position they also have their hands free to try please you in deeply erotic ways!

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Cowgirl Position: When you are most turned on, and are in a mood of some real intense pleasure and looking to explore the inside of her vagina with your hot dick, this may be the right position for you at that moment.

You just need to get into this position, and onwards, our steamy independent escorts in Hyderabad know well how to ride on you! Finally, in this position you both will be in sitting position and facing each other. This is a very intimate position, with her sitting on your lap with her knee rested on the bed.

Place your penis insider her and let our escort do her moves to extract most pleasure from the position. She will move up and down, first slowly and then fast to build peak of pleasure in you until you explode with an amazing orgasm. This position doesn’t require you to be too flexible.

Besides you both get to kiss each other on lips, or anywhere else, quite conveniently in this position. Let her go wile and take control of the act; she has much more freedom to stimulate both of you in this position, so the game is all hers in this position. Except that you have your hands and mouth free to show her your great passion of love making.

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Pancake Sex: When you think of pancakes, it reminds of you of a sweet delight melting in your mouth, this sex position is the same but with some additional intoxicating thrill. The woman need to be flexible in this position, you don’t.

Our call girls in Hyderabad often get into this position when the man is most turned on and burning with a strong drive to get deep into her. She will lie on her back and raise her legs high until her knee are close to her breasts. With her genital area wide open for you to enter, it is a very tempting position for the man.

Though it maybe a little uncomfortable for the female but the insurmountable pleasure that she gets from it makes her forget about anything else. With her torso and legs supported on her shoulders you can penetrate her pussy deeply to gain immense pleasure.

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