Get Sexy Memories By Our Top Female Escorts in Hyderabad
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Get Sexy Memories By Our Top Female Escorts in Hyderabad

Get Sexy Memories By Our Top Female Escorts in Hyderabad

Occasionally, you may expect your escort to provide something different to you. Especially when you have booked her for long hours, you may want to extend the foreplay before getting to sex. If you have a lot of hours at hand, with no clear idea on how to make best use of that time, we suggest that you ask her to give you an erotic massage.

Not all escorts have mastered the art of sensual massage, but our elite escorts in Hyderabad have a high level of expertise in this art, and can make you feel the bliss that you’ve never experienced before.

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Set the mood before She Arrives!  

Be prepared for her arrival, so she can get to it instantly. Dim light, candle and soothing music will make the setting perfect for the sensual massage therapy. Set the room temperature to warm, and change the sheets to something soft and lightly colored. Burn some incense to further enhance the mood.

If you don’t have a massage table, you can choose a sofa or a bed whichever has a flatter surface, to lie on, for the massage. Also, purchase the massage oil of any flavor that smells good to you. Our top escorts in Hyderabad commonly use almond, coconut, or avocado oil for best effects. It makes massaging smoother, and easier.

As she arrives, get undressed and wrap a robe around your waist and lie down on the massage table. Offer her something to wear while giving you a massage, unless she has already brought something to wear for the massage.

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Steps of a massage

Head massage: The escort usually begins with a head massage to get you in a deeply relaxed state. She will rub your forehead and the temples, and then gently massage your scalp. She might bite your ears or lick it with your tongue to keep it a little erotic.

Ears are a very sensitive area in the body, when she is massaging your head, she would often play with your ears to tantalize you. Try to relax completely, and let her kindly every part of your body.

Neck massage: Neck is commonly the next destination during the massage. You need to lie facing down so that she had access to the back of your neck and the shoulders. She will start by giving you a back rub, and then move to the shoulder and neck.

This phase of the massage is extremely relaxing, and would release all the tension in your body. She will apply some warm oil on your upper body, in the chest to deepen you relaxation, and to start stimulating you sexually.

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Our independent Hyderabad escorts are seasoned massage therapists, besides being dazzling beauties.  While rubbing their hands on your back, they would begin to strip off their clothing and start rubbing their breasts on your back. It would cause currents to pass through your body is she slides her delicate breasts on your naked body.

Buttock Massage: This is yet another step in the massage to make you horny and enjoy the thrill of it. Escorts in Hyderabad are not in any rush to get the work done, they know that slow pleasure can make their clients very excited.

Massage is a great way for them, to show their creativity in giving you a sensuous delight. Buttock massage is the one where our Hyderabad escorts place their palms on your butt and apply pressure on them, while rotating the palm in both directions.

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She would exploit the opportunity to slid her hands between your inner thighs and grab your testis. She would gently rub your scrotum as she brings her boobs to press against your body.

This is where the real fun begins. The sensual tension touches the peak , as the massage continue with her naked body occasionally coming in contact with yours, and her warm hands groping you and rubbing everywhere across your body.

Our VIP escorts in Hyderabad are most skilled in building sexual tension in your body by their various moves and styles, until the sensation becomes intense  and you are ready to explode with ecstasy. They achieve this by touching your oily body, rubbing their body against your chest and running fingers through you head.

Sometimes they might whisper something naughty in your ears to provoke you. A few minutes of massage can induce electrifying sensations in your whole body, and prepare you for an awesome sex!

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A lot of men book an escort in Hyderabad with the intent of getting right to the bed. They do not realize that there is greater potential for pleasure and gratification if you take it slowly with her, and let her guide you towards ecstatic bliss of sex.

You have not invited her just to get an orgasm, but this is the chance for you to slowly rise to different and newer heights of pleasure. Sensual massage is one very effective way to achieve that and our female escorts in Hyderabad know every trick to give the best massages!

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