Hyderabad Stripper Etiquette

Hyderabad is the perfect place to go wild. Men come from all over the globe to blow off steam and get crazy with gorgeous exotic dancers and entertainers, such as the beautiful strippers from www.feeltheheaven.com. Even though Hyderabad is known as Sin City, there are still basic rules and guidelines to follow when you interact with strippers and adult entertainers. If you follow our helpful tips you can have a fantastic time in Hyderabad without any hassles from others.

Hyderabad Stripper Etiquette - Feeltheheaven.com

1. Treat the dancers with respect. This should go without saying. Strippers and adult entertainers are human beings and they are working to entertain you. Shooting your mouth off and being disrespectful to people who are working hard to amuse you is just plain rude. Don’t be surprised if the security throws you out if you are disrespectful to the dancers. This includes sitting in the front row and saying nasty things. The dancers can hear you on the stage and there is no reason to hurt the ladies feelings. You are more likely to get a good performance if you treat the dancers with respect, so it goes both ways.

2. Do not take photographs or video with your camera or phone without the dancers consent. This goes back to the first point, respect. Respect the dancers privacy and live in the moment. If you desperately want a photo, ask first!

3. Don’t steal or take part of the dancers costume. If a piece of her costume falls close to you, give it back to her after the show. Panties, bras and costumes are expensive and not souvenirs for you!

4. Don’t touch the dancers, waitresses or other female employees at the strip club without consent. This applies to in room strippers too; don’t touch the entertainers without consent. Most clubs will have you thrown out if you touch the dancers. We have all seen the movies where this happens, well it happens in real life too. Don’t ruin your night because you can’t control yourself.

5. Don’t assume that the stripper will sleep with you. Strippers are not escorts; they are not obligated to sleep with you. If you are looking for sex, find an escort. Asking a stripper for more than a lap dance will have you thrown out.

Following these 5 simple tips will make sure that you have an enjoyable time in any Hyderabad strip club. The main idea is to treat the strippers with respect. Just like any professionals, strippers and adult professionals deserve to be treated with respect. If you have invited in room strippers to entertain for you in the privacy of your hotel room, these rules still apply. Once you are treating the ladies with respect, they will be more likely to treat you.

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