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Is it possible to get orgasm after orgasm?

Is it possible to get orgasm after orgasm? -

Is it possible to get orgasm after orgasm?

Is it possible to get orgasm after orgasm

Wednesday nights I usually see him. Unfortunately, he thought I was away this week on vacation, while I don’t actually leave for another week. He made other plans. This wasn’t such a big deal for me though, as I hadn’t seen him at all for two days and I got to spend Wednesday night with him instead. I work late tonight (Thursday) , so I otherwise wouldn’t have gotten to spend time with him until Friday.

Is it possible to get orgasm after orgasm? -

He arrived tired and asked me to wait on him. That was the last thing I felt like doing, but since I’ve been back on prozac I find it easier to be the good little submissive I generally try to be. I had ordered take out while he was on the way home and it arrived shortly before he did. So I got up, went to the kitchen and brought in his food. (I had hoped he’d grab it when he walked in. I was busy eating my food.) I offered to draw him a bath, but the hot water wasn’t working at that time.

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He spent some time chatting with women on a dating site, this is a frequent pastime of his. It was getting late, especially since he needed to be up early the next day. I gently tried to get his attention. He did finally put the computer down and went to take a bath as the hot water had returned. I busied myself on my computer.

He chatted online a bit more as he dried off, although that irritated me a little less than it might have otherwise when he told me that one of the women wanted to top me. That sounds like fun! After a bit more online chat he turned all his attention to me. I was definitely in need of attention.

In the bedroom, I found myself in a smart ass kinda mood. I was just jumping on the chance to make jokes when I saw openings, but this ended up with me needing a little behavior correction. I had put out the tweezer clamps as I was hoping he’d use them on my nipples, but after my remarks, he decided to use them on my inner labia. I cringed. I hoped he was just making empty threats. He wasn’t.

Thankfully it didn’t hurt quite as much as I thought it would – until he tightened them enough, that is. I kept making smart ass remarks, which would be immediately followed by my crying out, “Why did I just SAY that!?” I think my subconscious was trying to egg him on. When I’ve been through a period of depression, like I had for a few months earlier this year, he backs off a little on “meanness” since I’m fragile at that time. So when I return to feeling stable he often still treats me with more gentleness than I crave. He had been rougher lately, so I’m not sure why my subconscious thought he needed the push.

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He followed this up with ordering me to my knees for a caning. He had left impressive marks on another lady of his recently and he seemed determined to do the same on my ass. I did my best to breathe through the hard swats.

The problem was, I’ve had sinus issues for weeks now and with my head down my nose congested instantly. He heard the funny noises as I tried to breathe through my constricted nostrils and asked if I was having too much trouble breathing. I was. Time for a change of activity.

He got between my legs as I lay on my back and played with my pussy. I had put out my favorite purple Tantus dildo and he stroked it along my clit and lips for a while. Soon he had me aching for him to slide the dildo inside me. He had me put the tweezer clamps on my nipples myself – something I think I’ve suggested but that he never did before. Finally he inserted the dildo. He pressed the magic wand to my clit and pulled on the nipple clamps. Between these toys he made me come very, very hard. Then he handed me the magic wand and focused on furiously fucking me with the dildo. I was delirious with orgasm after orgasm.

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