Sex Positions You May Enjoy With Hyderabad Female Escorts
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Sex Positions You May Enjoy With Hyderabad Female Escorts

Sex Positions You May Enjoy With Hyderabad Female Escorts

There’re plenty of different and fun ways to reach orgasm with an escort partner. These techniques and positions are revealed to us by Hyderabad female escorts, and so you can be certain that these positions are well researched and experimented with! 

What sex positions you can have with our Hyderabad female escorts?

We are sure that you think you know all about the sex positions there is to know,  and we give you credit for your knowledge, but we are here to tell you that you might have missed some of the most erotic positions that would take pleasure to a whole new level!

Sex Positions You May Enjoy With Hyderabad Female Escorts -

Dogie style with a desk: You may be quite familiar with the common sex position where a woman bends over, and a guy inserts his dick inside her from the behind. How about improvising this age old position to try making it more exciting?

Some of our expert escorts in Hyderabad have told us that they do it at the side of the bed with their clients, but they find it more comfortable doing while bent over a desk or a chair. You may think it, as the same old dogie style, but this slight change makes a lot of difference and gives both, much more pleasure. If you like to do it at a faster pace, you have all the more reasons to try this position with our escorts. 

The cat: If you intend to give our Hyderabad escort girls an orgasm, this is a mystery technique that may achieve the purpose with quite an ease. This is for those females who have difficulty achieving an orgasm. But if you consider yourself a master of sex, add this to one of your specialties and be ready to earn the gratitude of your sex partner.

This does not require a complicated position. Just lie on top of your female companion, and enter inside her. Instead of starting a rhythmic inside and out motion, enter deep inside the girl and begin a circular motion with your penis. This will cause such stimulation in the clitoris that an orgasm is a sure thing to happen to her. Let the base of the dick rub against the walls of her clitoris to arouse her whole body.

 The Hulk: Strange name right?

This is one of those techniques which may cause even the most seasoned of our Hyderabad call girls to moan loud, with extreme pleasure. It requires the man to lift his pelvis up and cause the girl’s feet to life above the ground, and slowly places his penis on her G-spot. This is one of the favorite positions of female escorts, as reported by a number of independent Hyderabad escorts.

Hold you penis inside her vagina and keep it there as she shrieks with pleasure. Then gradually pull it back, and repeat the process after a small gap.

 Face-sitting: Now please don’t be too quick to think that this is the same position where a hot-assed woman sits on the man’s face and lets him lick her all over the clitoris. This position is equally fun, but this is not the same. What we are telling you is more about blowjobs, but with an incredibly awesome position. Here’s one of the key secrets that our elite escorts in Hyderabad make use of, to take make their clients witness paradise.

Hyderabad escort girls, reveal that while they lie upfront on the bed, they ask the guy to lie down on them, with their dick gently pushed inside her mouth. This provides with double gratification, as both partners can simultaneously take pleasure; guy getting the blow job while also licking the escort at her favorite spot in her vagina.

Pile Driver: This is an unusual style, which you can only try with our elite escorts in Hyderabad, who are always in a flawless shape. Have the escort lie on her neck with ass raised high up. Get into a squatting stance and start pressing your penis into her vagina.

Our escorts keep themselves in such an exemplary shape that they are able to perform such intense and hardcore sex positions without complaints. But in general these are particularly difficult positions to carry out with any other partner. 

Close squeeze: If you are one of those who cannot resist having sex in places with little spaces or with scant furnishing, we have something for you that our clients often try with our female models in Hyderabad. Especially when you cannot control yourself and the sexual urge is just too strong.

This style can be greatly enjoyed on kitchen tables with your partner, and it may even be a major turn on for you. Make her sit on the table, or a chair if you have one. Ask her to wrap her legs around your waist while you are facing her. Place her arms around you and bring her closer to your body. She will squeeze your penis inside her and bring intense satisfaction to you.

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Call girls in Hyderabad would willingly let you try all these new positions with them, and show you new heights of happiness and thrill. Our escorts will be eager to have an ecstatic sexual adventure with you, as these amazing positions keep you wanting more and more of it.

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