How To Enjoy A Great Sex Life With Sex Workers

How To Enjoy A Great Sex Life With Sex Workers -

Points for the men who want to live single but want to enjoy sex life. For them, sex workers are the best options. Every man deserves to have a great sex life, whether or not he has an accessible partner. If you have a companion who’s willing to embark on this journey of mutual discovery […]

How You can Handle a Sexless Marriage without Cheating Partner

Summary: The following article is a guideline for men who can save their sexless marriage with the help of escort partner. Are you facing sexless marriage? The sum of sex that a couple needs and is comfortable with varies. Some couples have sex weekly, others make love every day and many others’ sexual regularity falls […]

The Ethics of Masturbation! Where do solo activities fit in a relationship?

Most couples are monogamous, meaning that they aren’t supposed to have sex with others. But does this ban on sex with other people also extend to sex with oneself? As with everything else in human relationships, you get a lot of answers to this question. Some people will quote research studies to support their position […]

Who Are the Happiest? Straights and Gays, but Not Bisexuals

Who Are the Happiest? Straights and Gays, but Not Bisexuals -

This is true if based on sexual behavior, not on sexual identity. I have previously raised annoyance, perhaps frustration, when we use simple minded, simply assessed measures of sexuality. This post continues this ire with examples of better (but not ideal) research. Thomeer and Reczek assessed happiness and included two measures of sexuality with a large sample […]

Sex, Intimacy, & Friendship: Keys to a Healthy Romance

Intimacy matters more than sex for some, but mutual respect is the foundation. Some researchers are telling us that monogamy is no longer hip and that consensual non-monogamous relationships are the wave of the future now that lifespans are stretching out much longer than they once did. One recent research study indicated that sexual satisfaction […]

Is Sex Work or Play?

Playful sex requires work before, during, and after, but it’s worth it. We’ve probably all heard the saying that relationships are work, but isn’t sex supposed to just be fun? Or is sex a serious thing that we need to work at? Is sex work or play? On the one hand, we have handjobs and […]

Are You Having Enough Sex? How much sex should we be having?

As a psychotherapist specializing in sexual and intimacy disorders, I can tell you that for a lot of individuals and couples the amount of sex they’re having (or not having) can be worrisome. They ask me, “How much sex is healthy?” (link is external) and, “How much sex should we be having in order to […]

Should Sexual Education Be Taught in Public Schools in India?

The issue of sexual education is one that has been in existence for a number of decades now as individuals question the virtue of introducing this subject into the public school curriculum. Sex education can be defined as the tutelage of matters regarding sexual activity and all related factors. This includes subjects such as the […]

Is it ok to take Viagra when you are having sex for the first time?

Is it ok to take Viagra when you are having sex for the first time You shouldn’t be taking Viagra unless you’ve a medical condition for which it is prescribed. Viagra isn’t an aphrodisiac; it isn’t an ‘instant erection’ drug. It is designed to counter very specific vascular problems that affect erections, their strength, and […]

Is Masturbation More Pleasurable Than Real Sex?

Is Masturbation More Pleasurable Than Real Sex It is safe to say that masturbation gives you instantaneous gratification. Those of us in a relationship will be aware that your partner is not always up for sex, and even if they are, life sometimes gets in the way. However, spending two minutes jerking yourself off get […]